How to become a Security Officer

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SLED Certified Security Officer

Here is some information you will not find anywhere on any other Security Companies website, except ours. We try to help future students / officers understand what is required and how to go about starting a new career.

To become a SLED Certified Security Officer you must have a clean background. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it will have to be offenses that SLED does not see as a Felony or multiple Misdemeanors. Candidates for security are supposed to have good morale character and work ethics.

Before you read on, Yes, we offer all the required training right here at SC Training .

Our training is detailed and we will come to you! We also provide 1 on 1 classes if the need is immediate. Our training pages are very informative and will get you started in the right direction.


To become a SLED Certified Security Officer

you will have to take the minimum class called “Primary Basic“. It became official on January 17, 2017. When you take this class, you will be a “SLED Certified Unarmed Officer” with NO arrest authority. This class is 4 hours and when finished, you could apply for Unarmed positions like working at the mall, store security and posts that they just want a security presence.

If you desired, your next class would be to take the “Primary Plus” class. This class is the 2nd part of the SLED training. This class will give you the arrest authority to carry handcuffs. It also goes into some of the laws to teach you how to not violate the rights of others regarding their freedom of movement (4th amendment) when and if you need to arrest or stop and frisk someone. This class is 4 hours and when you are done you will be a “SLED Certified Unarmed Officer with the authority to arrest”. This is what a lot of Security companies look for in an applicant. In other words to get to this point would be 8 hours of training with “Primary Basic” class and the “Primary Plus” class. Yes, you can do both of these classes “Basic” and “Primary Plus” in 1 (8 hour) class.

Now, you can upgrade to become a “SLED Certified Armed Security Officer”. To do this, you would simply request this option so that during the “Primary Plus” Training, it would be inserted in the class. SLED requires all this plus the weapons portion to be done in at least 8 hours? I am going to tell you, with the weapons training because of going to the range, we are about 9 – 10 hours, a full day. When you finish this class, you will be a “SLED Certified Armed Security Officer” and now, more marketable to land a job at many security companies in South Carolina. Yes…you can take the “Basic”, “Plus” and “weapons” training all in the same day…a long day, but that depends on the size of the class.

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Here is more information about the SLED training, Taser Training and OC Pepper Spray training. SC Training Page.