OC Pepper Spray Training

OC Pepper Spray Training

Starting in Jan. 17, 2017

For South Carolina Security Officers: To carry OC Pepper Spray you must have had the SLED “Primary Basic” and “Primary Plus” classes.

For all students living and working in another state: You must be a licensed / certified security guard. We can train any security officer or company in any state that allows you to carry OC Pepper Spray.

OC Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from “oleoresin capsicum“), OC gas, and capsicum spray, is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness).


Certified through SABRE

OC Pepper Spray

OC Pepper Spray

We use the latest “SABRE” products. We train you with 3rd Generation Sabre Crossfire Red.

If you do not live in SC,

we can still certify you to carry OC Pepper Spray for your state.


…..Here is a glance of our class information:

    1. To get Certified to carry OC Pepper Spray, you WILL get sprayed unless you can provide a document that shows you have been sprayed in the past and or have a medical release from a Dr.
    1. If you are getting sprayed, you should make plans to have someone drive you home or make plans to sit around for a few hours.
    1. The class size varies. Our class time is 2 – 4 hours….Once you have been sprayed, your class time is done and you will be released. If you do not need to be sprayed, you can be let out earlier.
    1. There is a test involved (Before you get sprayed) that is required to get your certificate to carry your OC Pepper Spray on your person..
    1. If you are getting Sprayed, we recommend bringing a change of clothes, PLUS a nice bath towel because during the DECONTAMINATION (After you get sprayed) you will be wanting water and soap all over your head and it gets messy as your clothes will get wet.
    1. Before we spray you, there is a student release waiver that each student will have to sign. It basically tells us you understand what is about to happen and it asks some medical questions as well.
    1. LASIK or any type of eye surgery? You cannot get Sprayed within 6 months of the medical treatment you were given.
    1. What to bring? Again, a change of clothes (recommended) A large bath towel and your document of PROOF if you have been sprayed in the past. If you show up without proof, you will have to get sprayed.
    1. Price: $60.00. You will receive a certificate valid for 1 yr. and 1 canister of SABRE RED Spray with holster / pouch.
    1. Do you want SABRE OC Pepper Spray? We will have them available for purchase in class.
  1. Payments: We do accept VISA, MC, CASH or Personal Check with valid ID.


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