Security training

Security Training

SLED Security Training with our company will set you up to start your new career. To be a SLED Certified Security Officer you must be trained in a 4 – 8 hour class. Security Training is a must in South Carolina to become Certified.

Security Training

Who do we train for SLED Security?
1. Individuals who want to start a new career.
2. Companies who are getting behind on training to certify their officers.
3. Re-certifying to keep your annual SLED card active.
4. If the Class size is large enough, we will come to your area with our “Mobile Setup” and conduct the training. To price this, we will have to know the location and class size.
5. Individuals from other states who want to work in SC as a SLED Security Officer. Yes, some individuals work for companies that do business in SC or they live close enough to the SC border and would like to work for a SC Security company. Either way, you must get a SLED Card.

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Here is an explanation of the SLED Certified Security Training that each Officer must take.

Primary Basic: (Mandatory) A basic knowledge of what you can do as a legal SLED Certified Security Officer on the property you protect. To become an ” Unarmed Officer”. This class is all you will need to be a basic SLED Certified Officer. Taking this class does NOT include weapons, Handcuffs, Use of Force and Authority to arrest. You will be able to work as a SLED Security Officer and  wear a uniform, observe and report with no arrest authority if you choose this class alone. 4 hour class.

Primary Plus: (Optional) This class is basically an upgrade to certify you in many things such as Handcuffing, Use of force and Handguns. This class gives you the same authority as a Sheriffs deputy on the property you protect. YOU CANNOT take this class unless you have been to the “Primary Basic“. You can take both “Basic” and “Plus” in the same day. 8 hour class.

To break it down: In other words, To become a “mall security guard” all you need is Primary Basic because usually they don’t let you have too much authority. However, everything an officer needs to carry on his duty belt for example handguns, Taser, OC Pepper Spray, Batons and Handcuffs will have to be trained by a person that is Certified to train you with these weapons. This training falls under the Primary Plus Training. WE OFFER THIS TRAINING.

SLED Security Training