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As a SLED Certified Security Company, when we are contracted by you, we have the same authority as your local police department to protect you and your property. This means everything from an arrest to the use of force, if needed.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured


We build real “deterrence” programs for our clients that are designed to stop future criminal behavior.

What is deterrence? Simply put, if a person with “criminal intent” sees our car and our officer patrolling your property on a daily basis….most likely, they will think it’s not worth it and move on to another location. We build “deterrence” programs specific to your property needs.

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We have the same authority as local law enforcement when you choose to do business with us. We feel we need to look good and act accordingly. People still look at South Carolina Security Officers as “Mall Cops” and “Rent a Cops”. They couldn’t be more wrong if they tried because SLED has made this clear. They soon find out when they break the law on the property we protect. Everything from as small as putting someone on “Trespass notice” to the “Use of force” (If needed). We would rather handle things in a calm professional manner using the least amount of force as necessary, however, we all watch the news and there are people out there that just don’t care!

Our services are an extension of your local police department. Unfortunately your local law enforcement cannot spend too much time in your neighborhood or on your business property, it’s not a reflection of bad policing in your area, it’s simply the lack of officers to cover large counties.

Call or Email us today for you complimentary on-site demonstration. Let us show you what a program looks like for your community or business.

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Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

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Serving the upstate of South Carolina.

Anderson County, Greenville County, Spartanburg County, Pickens County, Oconee County, Abbeville County, Cherokee County

We service all the cities of Upstate South Carolina

Greenville, Piedmont, Anderson, Spartanburg, Mauldin, Simpsonville, Williamston, Greer, Easley, Liberty, Pickens, Pelzer, Clemson, Travelers rest, Duncan, Berea, Belton and more.

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