Taser Training

TASER Training

Starting in Jan. 17, 2017

For South Carolina Students: To carry a CEW (Taser) you must have had the SLED “Primary Basic” class in South Carolina 1st. Carrying a Taser falls under the “Primary Plus” class which is the 2nd portion of training.

For all students living and working in another state: You must be a licensed / certified security guard. We can train any security officer or company in any state that allows you to carry a CEW (Conductive Electronic Weapon) or as people know them as…TASER.

We are an “Official Licensed TASER Instructor” Company

Taser Training
Taser Training
Taser Training

This means we can legally teach you to carry a Taser and use a Taser.

We are licensed to train any security officer or company in any state. So, if you want your officers and your company to be legal and compliant…..we are your choice for the CEW Taser training.

Here is a glance of our class information:

  1. To get Certified to carry a CEW (Taser), you WILL NOT have to get Tased. Taser does not require students to get Tased to get Certified.
  2. If you want to get Tased for the experience? We will do it and video it for your website or training material.
  3. The class size varies. Our class time is 8 hours. It usually runs on schedule.
  4. There is a test involved that is required to get your certificate to carry a CEW (Taser) on your person..
  5. If you are getting Tased for the experience, there is a student release waiver that each student will have to sign. It basically tells us you understand what is about to happen and it asks some medical questions as well.
  6. What to bring?  A note book, pen / pencil. We supply the “Taser” for the training part. Dress casual or in uniform.
  7. NO FIREARMS PERMITTED IN CLASS. You can bring the Taser you want to qualify with.
  8. Group pricing: Yes, we can offer a price break if we get a commitment on the amount of students who will be attending.
  9. Do you want a CEW (Taser)? If you tell us ahead of time, we can have them available at our class for purchase.
  10. Payments: We do accept VISA, MC, CASH or Personal Check with valid ID.
  11. Price: If you bring your own Taser and 2 “live” cartridges. Your fee will be $200.00
  12. Price 2: If you do not have a Taser. Your fee will be $240.00. Price increase includes using our Taser to get certified and  the 2 “live” cartridges that will be fired on target.

Note: You will have to Certify with the Taser you will carry. We have the M26 / X26P and the X2 for qualifying with our Taser. If you bring your own, we can train you on that one. If you do not have one, you will have to qualify in 1 or all of the ones we provide. You will have to deploy 2 “live” hits on target with some situational maneuvers.

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