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SLED Security Training

SLED Security Training

SLED Security Training

SLED Security Training

SLED Security Training

State Law Enforcement Division

1st off, what do you know about SLED? SLED Security Officers are Certified through our “State Law Enforcement Division” (SLED). We answer to them as they control what we can do and what we cannot.

Every state has an agency that controls the “Security” side of the industry such as North Carolina is controlled by the PPSB (Private Protective Services Board).

NOTE: If you take 5 minutes….just 5 minutes to read ALL of the information we have provided for you, you will get 99% of the questions you have answered right here!

Down below, you will find the “Class Dates” and “Class Info” tab.

SLED Certified Security Training is broken in to 2 classes.

In reality, there are 3 portions, we explain better below.

The 2 (3) SLED Certified Security Training classes are:

  • 4 hour class called “Primary Basic” to be Certified as an Unarmed Security Officer.
  • 4 hour class called “Primary Plus” to become a SLED Certified Unarmed Security Officer with Arrest Powers or in other words the “Same Authority” as the local Police Department on the property with the contract.
  • NOTE: To become an Armed Security Officer you must take BOTH classes with the addition of the “Weapons Portion” which includes the qualifying of the weapon you will carry on your sites.
  • Yes, you can schedule to take all of the above in the same day and qualify with the weapon to become an Armed Security Officer.

Who do we train?

  • Individuals who want to start a new career.
  • Companies who are getting behind on training to certify their officers.
  • Re-certifying to keep your annual SLED card active.
  • Churches. Start your own Security Team with our “Turn-key” Service.
  • Individuals from other states who want to work in SC as a SLED Security Officer. Yes, some individuals work for companies that do business in SC or they live close enough to the SC border and would like to work for a SC Security company. Either way, you must get a SLED Card.

Questions and Answers

Q. How old can I be to be an ARMED Security Officer?

A. You must be 21 for Armed and 18 to be an Unarmed Security Officer.

QDo you travel to conduct training and where will you travel to?

A. Yes, we do travel, but only if the class is big enough to make it worth the trouble. We travel to NC and GA and of course SC.

QWhere is your “Training Center”?

A. Most of our Training is conducted in Piedmont SC. Depending on the class size, we have a few locations that we use. You receive this information once you contact us and enroll in our class.

Q. Can I become Certified after I take the class?

A. Once you take the class, all your information is sent to SLED by the company who will be hiring you. They will decide upon your “Background Information” if you meet the standards and criteria to become a SLED Certified Security Officer.

Q. Can I pay for the class on my own so that I can get trained as soon as I want to?

A. Yes, you can contact any authorized training center that offers SLED TRAINING. Again, once you finish the training, it does NOT mean you are Certified. You get Certified once a company hires you and sends the training documents (from us) and your application to SLED.

Q. What is the benefit of me doing the training on my own?

A. Here are 2 main reasons,

  • If you already have your training completed, you can go to any Security company and apply for a job….having your training records in your hands may put you over the top of other candidates as NOW you are ready to work that day.
  • Having your training completed already shows a company that you are a serious and qualified candidate.

Q. If I live out of state but live close to SC can I get SLED Certified?

A. Yes, as long as the company that hires you is a SLED Licensed Company.

Q. I have been in a little trouble in the past, will this hurt me from becoming a SLED Certified Officer?

A. A little trouble? What you determine a little trouble and what SLED determines a little trouble will be the answer to this. A Felony will keep you from getting Certified. A misdemeanor? Well…a speeding ticket is a misdemeanor, so, depending on the charge and how long ago it was will be what SLED will take in to consideration when the review your background.

Q. I have a CWP in SC, will this help me get Certified?

A. Having your CWP has nothing to do with SLED Security. The only thing it will help with is that when it comes time to qualify with a weapon, you will most likely have no problem passing.

Q. If i take the classes can I go to work for a Security Company in SC?

A. Yes, but you cannot work Armed until you get your SLED Security card. You can work 30 days (Changed from 20 days) without your card as an Unarmed Security Officer.

Q. I don’t know what class I want to take?

A. We say if your not afraid to carry a weapon, get Certified with a weapon. The reason is simple. Most companies do not know if the next phone call they receive for a job will be for an “Unarmed” or “Armed” Officer. So, by you being Certified for everything, you become a better asset to the company hiring you….just our opinion.

Q. Once I complete the training what happens?

A. The first thing is, you have made yourself a better candidate to be hired by any SC Security company. So, when you are ready to pursue your new career, take your paperwork to the company you are looking to apply for a job with. They will ask you if you are “Certified”….you will tell them “I have completed all the required training”. If they hire you, they will prepare all your paperwork and send it to SLED. You will be able to work right away for 30 days on an Unarmed site until your “Armed Certification” is approved (If you applied for Armed). You are NOT considered a “Certified Security Officer” until you are “Certified” through SLED.

Q. What if I take the class and later SLED denies me because of my background?

A. This is not something we can control. However, SLED does have a system set up for you to “Appeal” their decision if you feel there was a wrong decision made.

Q. Do Security Officers make good money?

A. Security Companies can pay as much as $15 – $20 an hour for an Officer. The reality is, this is based on their contracts with a client. If the client is only paying $20.00 an hour for the services….the Security Company has to allow for taxes, employee taxes and insurances, etc. So, this Officer might get $11.00 an hour? In South Carolina, an Armed officer should expect between $13.00 to $15.00 an hour to start, it’s up to the Security Company and how much they get from a client that will dictate how much they pay their Officers.

Q. How many Security Companies can I work for?

A. In South Carolina, you can work for as many as you want as long as you get Certified through each company.

Q. What is the minimum class I have to take to become “Certified”?

A. The “Primary Basic” class is the bare minimum. Again, you will not be “Certified” until a company hires you and submits your paperwork to SLED. Then upon review and background, SLED will determine your approval or not.

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