School Resource Officer

SRO Services at your Private School has never been easier.

We can design a Security Program to fit your school and your schedule.

Our team is Trained and Certified through SLED to ensure you get an Officer that you can trust.

2 Types of Packages that we offer:

We can post an Officer at your school during the school hours (Typical)


We can set up daily or weekly visits so it appears you have a Security Program in place.

This option is budget friendly and affords the school the chance to have some sort of “deterrence”.

People driving by the school will notice us after a while, and then word spreads thus creating this illusion that we are there all the time while keeping it affordable.

We can provide the same services to protect your school as your local Police Department.

Give us a chance to show you what we bring to the table to ensure you that we are your choice for “Real Protection”.

Let us watch over what really counts in this world!

SRO – School Resource Officer

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