Security Officer Training

SLED Security Officer training is the required training to become a Certified SLED Security Officer in South Carolina.

SLED Security Training

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Pricing for the Classes

We have 3 different classes that we offer to get the Certification you want.

The Unarmed SLED Class with NO Arrest powers.

The Unarmed SLED Class WITH Arrest powers.

The Armed SLED Class that gives you the same powers as the Police Department on the Property the Security Company has the contract with.

Basically here it is explained a little better

  • 4 hour class called “Primary Basic” to be Certified as an Unarmed Security Officer, a “Mall Cop” basically where all you can do is “Observe and Report”.
  • 4 hour class called “Primary Plus” to become a SLED Certified Unarmed Security Officer with Arrest Powers or in other words the “Same Authority” as the local Police Department on the property with the contract….BUT without a weapon.
  • Armed Portion: To become an Armed Security Officer you must take BOTH classes with the addition of the “Weapons Portion” which includes the qualifying of the weapon you will carry on your sites.
  • Yes, you can schedule to take all of the above in the same day and qualify with the weapon to become an Armed Security Officer….the qualification portion adds more time to the training so be prepared for a long day.
  • You should be prepared to be in training for 8 hours or more, this depends on your level of handling a weapon.

We use INDOOR and OUTDOOR Gun ranges. It depends where we are and what is available.

No matter what type of Shooting Range we use, SAFETY is always Key!!!!!

Our Security Training Location

SLED Security Training

Our SLED Security Training Center is located in Piedmont, SC.

The physical address is 11027 Anderson Rd BUT sometimes GOOGLE does not take you to the right place.

So, I would GOOGLE “Alpha Printing in Piedmont” and then it will take you to the 81 plaza and we are in the same store as them.

Our CLASS DATES and PRICES can be viewed by clicking this link Class Info

What do you know about SLED?

State Law Enforcement Division

1st off, what do you know about SLED? SLED Security Officers are Certified through our “State Law Enforcement Division” (SLED). We answer to them as they control what we can do and what we cannot do. However, most people call it South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Every state has an agency that controls the “Security” side of the industry such as North Carolina is controlled by the PPSB (Private Protective Services Board).


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Questions and Answers

Who do we train?

  • Individuals who want to start a new career.
  • Companies who are getting behind on training to certify their officers.
  • Re-certifying to keep your annual SLED card active.
  • Churches. Start your own Security Team with our “Turn-key” Service.
  • Individuals from other states who want to work in SC as a SLED Security Officer. Yes, some individuals work for companies that do business in SC or they live close enough to the SC border and would like to work for a SC Security company. Either way, you must get a SLED Card.
  • We will help you start your own Security Company with our “Turn Key” service.

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