Private Security

We provide South Carolina and North Carolina with Armed and Unarmed Security Services.

Our Authority is different in both of these 2 states.

In South Carolina we have the same powers of a Sheriffs Deputy on the site we are paid to protect. This means the Lawful arrest of a suspect for breaking any of the laws pertaining to SC Law.

In North Carolina, we can “Detain” meaning we can hold them on the property until the local Police Dept. arrives and then arrests them.

Both States allow us to be Armed and allow us to protect your property from being vandalized, theft, loitering, trespass and causing bodily harm against you, your tenants, customers or your residents.

We only employ real employees. We do not use “contract employees”. This means we have real Workers Comp, Liability Insurance and pay real employee taxes.

When you choose us to do your Security Assignment, you’re getting a real Security Company to provide you with legal Officers and to fully protect you from Civil action against your property.

Be careful choosing a company that wants to provide you with an unbelievable rate per hour….it may end up costing you more later.