Mobile patrol

Our Mobile patrol services are unique and saves our customers money. Within a short time, our presence every night and never the same time the next night will appear as if we are there all the time….this is where the savings come in as you are not paying for a patrol officer for 8 -10 hours every night.

This type of program creates the “Deterrence”. The deterrence is the key. Keeping costs down and making it look like you have Security all night, this is the way to go!

Some of our patrols are as listed:

  • A drive through your community or business parking lot to show a presence.
  • A drive up to check your gates.
  • A quick ride through your complex or parking lot, shining our spot light on certain areas so that people see that someone is looking out for you.

Our programs are endless and affordable.

Email or call us and let’s set up a meeting so we can show you how effective and affordable our programs are.


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