FREE Weapons Clinic

SLED Security Training

What does this Clinic / Class teach? This class was designed for women to familiarize themselves with a standard hand gun. The hand guns include a 9mm, .40 cal and a 38 cal revolver. To get those ready that one day may want to get their CWP license.

Who is allowed to attend? Women over 21 years old can attend our Free clinic.

What will I learn? When you finish our Free clinic, you will have the basic understandings of a hand gun and when treated as if they are loaded all the time, they are not dangerous to you or your family.

Will I be able to shoot? Our Free clinic does include the shooting range. However, here is what has to happen before we will let you shoot a weapon.

  • You will demonstrate to us that you comprehended the safety of the weapon (in class).
  • You will take a short written test on the safety and use of the weapon (in class).
  • You will do a demonstration on the handling of the weapon (in class).
  • If you FAIL to meet our requirements, we will not embarrass you in front of the class. You will be told privately you may need 1 more session.

Once all these parameters are met, Yes, we will have you sign a waiver and you will be allowed to follow us to the shooting range to do a 20 rounds on target demo.

What do I have to pay for? Nothing. We supply everything.

How long does the class take? Well, this is not a CWP class which takes 8 hours because we discuss laws and everything else. This class is can last up to 4 hours to familiarize with a weapon, testing and then going to the range. It depends on the class size and the level of comfort each individual has. This class will basically make you feel more comfortable around a weapon and will give you the understanding that weapons don’t harm……people do!

How big is the class size? We try to keep it small because we want to be focused on everyone in the class.

When I get done with this class, could I get my CWP? You can get your CWP without this class, all you do is enroll in a CWP class. This class is designed to help those who one day would like to get their CWP but have never even held a gun. If you have NEVER held a gun or fired a gun….this is the class for you.

What do I need to bring to class? A valid Drivers license…that’s it.

How do I sign up? Email us from this website and tell us you are attending the Clinic. We will respond with a confirmation that you can attend OR the class is full and will instruct you on what to do.

Next Class: October 28th (Saturday) Greenville, SC. Class generally starts about 9am.