CWP Training

CWP Training

Concealed Weapons Permit

We are Certified through SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement) to give you the authority to carry your concealed weapon legally. Carrying a weapon legally in SC does require a CWP.

Having your CWP gives you many different options in protecting yourself if you should ever find yourself in a bad situation. We all hope we will never need to use our firearm but wouldn’t you feel better knowing that if something happened in your presence… could defend yourself?

Having your CWP does allow you to carry in other states as well. You will learn all of this in our class.

Will you know everything? No…but we will give you a lot of information that can and will make you compliant and legal to carry. We cannot guarantee that everyone who takes our class will abide by the laws that SLED has put out, but we can guarantee if you follow our instructions it will make you legal and less of a target if something ever happened.

Take our 8 hour SLED CWP CLASS.

Pricing: $60.00 for the class and materials.

What to bring: Your Drivers license, Another form of ID, Writing material, A weapon you want to qualify with as well as 50 rounds of ammo.

If you DO NOT have a weapon, we will provide a weapon and ammo for an additional fee of $20.00 or you can rent one at the range. Hearing protection and Eye protection is mandatory. IF YOU BRING A WEAPON TO CLASS, it will be unloaded, locked and cased, then checked in at the class.

INCLUDES: Fingerprinting, Filling out  your application, A binder with important information.

DOES NOT INCLUDE the application fee that you will need to send to SLED ($50.00), The bullets for qualifying with the weapon (approx. $10.00) The weapon to qualify (approx. $10.00) or range fees (approx. $10.00)

A firm cost:

If you didn’t bring a weapon, bullets and added all the fees for SLED and our course. Your total cost will be $140.00. Valid for 5 years.

If you bring your weapon and bullets. When you add our fees plus the SLED application fees with the range fees. Your total cost will be $120.00. Valid for 5 years.

Requirements: You must be 21 at the time of submitting your application to SLED. You must be able to get approved through SLED with a background check. You must be a resident of South Carolina.

All we can do is guarantee SLED that you took the class. When you turn in your application, if you are denied, it will be because of your past history.

TO CERTIFY: There will be a written test at the end of the class that you will be required to pass. If you pay attention in class, you will have no problem passing. There will be a weapons qualification you will be required to pass. If you have NEVER FIRED A WEAPON, you might want to get familiar at least once or twice with a weapon before you take this class. We do offer Weapons familiarization!!