Security Jobs

Security Jobs

In South Carolina, Security jobs are growing. Security is one of the careers that offers growth to the right candidates. This means candidates who want to learn and stride for excellence in a market that can lead to greater things, like one day, owning your own Security company or becoming a manager of a region.

It all starts with getting your SLED Card

We can help. In 8 hours, we can help you start your new career. After completing our 8 hour SLED training, we can help you become a good candidate for companies to take you serious when they have openings.


With our training, we go above what SLED requires. After successfully completing the 8 hour course, we can show you how to properly search for real Security jobs and what to say on your application that as a company, we like to hear as well.

Does SC Private Security offer employment?

Yes, of course we do. When the market demands us to hire, we will take candidates that have been through our training.

Is there a need for Security in South Carolina?

Click this link and see for yourself! “Security Jobs” see all the security jobs right now!