Residential Private Security


For Residential Communities such as subdivisions, condos and town homes. If you pay a regime fee to your HOA board or your property management company, this is the security program for you.

  • Imagine living in a community where homeowners know they have security coming by every day.
  • In time, all of the residents get to know the officer but more importantly, the officer gets to know who belongs and who doesn’t belong in your community.
  • Imagine the peace of mind when you and the family take that weekend getaway and get a text or email saying a security check was done at your property.

Reasons to consider our services:

  • Our mobile security program will deter criminal activity in your neighborhood. Vandalism, vehicle break-ins, property theft as well as unwanted traffic can be reduced quickly and then maintained with our security services.
  • Criminal activity can impact the value of your home- protect your investment. Who wouldn’t want to purchase a home in a neighborhood with a real mobile security program?
  • We live in tougher times than we can remember, wouldn’t you feel safer with a professional, highly trained, SLED certified security officer riding through your neighborhood every day?

Imagine us:

  • Sitting at the entrances of your community?
  • Sitting at the bus stop?
  • Patrolling the neighborhood for 2 hours, every day.
  • Checking on the homes of neighbors who are away on vacation or a business trip.
  • Calling or texting a home owner while they are away from their home, asking them if that moving truck is supposed to be in their yard?

Types of programs we offer:

  1. We can drive through your neighborhood to show a “presence”.
  2. We can drive through your neighborhood and stay for the agreed time per the contract between our company and the community.
  3. We can visit your community 3 days a week, 7 days a week, 24 /7.

We can create a program that fits your monthly budget. It is hard to list everything we offer.

Once we meet with you, we would need a little information on what your goals would be. An example is, just a simple ride through will not stop loitering. Once we see what the problems are, we could design you the perfect deterrence program.


Once you give us the address, we will ride through the community to evaluate it. We base pricing on the size of the community, the location and what the community expects from our agency.

We can give a price the same day.

A popular and affordable deterrence program:

We can come to your neighborhood M – F or 7 days a week. We can do a quick ride through circling the neighborhood twice or we can stay 2 hours or more. Our program is designed to stop loitering, unwanted salesman and other activities that don’t belong in your neighborhood.

Our patrolling will never be the same time the next day! If we come through tonight at 3 am, we will come by at 1am tomorrow…this keeps the criminal behavior at bay because they never know when we are coming back.



What does a program like this accomplish?

The type of program we listed above gives your community a real security presence. We will be in your community every day and In time, unwanted trespassers will know that your community has a mobile security program. Our uniquely designed scheduling keeps them wondering where we are and when are we coming back.

This allows our officers time to get to know the neighborhood and the members in it. Eventually, we want to be part of your community and make you feel that you have someone watching your investment…..your family!

This program is the best crime deterrence program in the industry.

Do you offer other schedules or programs?

Yes, we listed an example above to show you just how flexible our programs are. Here are a few more examples:

  • We can do a 15 or 30 minute ride through every day. Usually enough time to circle a neighborhood 2 times.
  • A daily visit can be contracted at 15 minutes per visit as well as three 8 hour shifts if the budget allowed.
  • We can do a weekly visit for the amount of time you want for that particular day.
  • We can build a program that has us coming through your neighborhood 2 or 3 times per day.
  • We can ride through 2 or 3 days a week and each visit can be 4 hours or more.
  • We can post officers in your community around the clock, 24 / 7.
  • We can operate gates and guard shacks as well.

Our programs are limitless and we are positive that we have an effective and affordable program for your community.……..

The procedure to move forward:

Give us a call and let us give you a complimentary on-site demonstration.