Q.  What exactly does “Private Security” mean?

A.  When our agency is contracted by a residential community or commercial business, we carry the same authority as your local police department to protect the people and the property that we hold the contract with..


Q.  Do you offer armed and unarmed services?

A. Yes, either armed or unarmed, all officers will be in uniform. We will let you decide if you want the officer armed or not. No matter what you decide, your officer will have an authentic looking patrol car to help promote the security on your property.

This is included in our pricing.


Q.  Do you have a minimum of hours that I have to use your service?

A.  Most of our programs are set at a minimum of 15 minutes for a drive through security inspection. We have programs like no other company in this industry. Our goal is to be able to come up with a program that fits your monthly budget with giving you the most security exposure possible.


Q.  Do you offer other programs?

A.  Yes, we have different programs for different situations located in our services section. We offer unique programs from 15 minutes to 24 -7 coverage…..no one else offers what we do.


Q.  Is there a contract?

A. Yes, there has to be a contract. Once we know the type of program you want us to do for your property, we simply make a service sheet explaining our agreement and this makes it legal for us to carry out the assignment.