Pricing for a residential community

The reason we took the time to do this, was to give a better understanding of what our services really cost and how we can keep the value of your investment from rising slowly.

We can agree, both the Landscaper and Security company bring a value to your neighborhood. 1 company by keeping it pretty and the other by keeping it safe.

Home value? When you are looking for a house, what are a few of the questions you ask the realtor? How are the schools in the area and what is the area like?

You never ask if the yard is cut or is there a lot of yard work to do. If you like the house, you like the neighborhood and the price is right….you buy the house.

A Landscaper

He visits your property once a week and stays roughly 45 minutes. Let’s use the average cost of a yard at $45.00 per visit per house, per week. What if he gets 100 customers in the neighborhood? 4 visits per week @ $45.00 per visit  X  100 customers equals $18,000.00 per month this Landscaper will profit. What is he doing for $45.00?

A. Cut grass

B. Using the weed eater.

C. Blowing down the walk ways.

How do we know? Our staff uses landscapers as well.


Security Company

Our company visits your property every day and stays roughly 2 hours. Let’s use the average cost of a house at $20.00 per house, per month. What if he gets 100 customers in the neighborhood? 7, 2 hour visits per week @ $20.00 per house, per month  X  100 customers equals $2,000.00 per month we will profit. What are we doing for $10.00 per house, per month?

A.  Patrolling the community and notifying the person on our contact list of the things we see.

B.  Keeping loitering to a minimum.

  • Sales flyers laying around in yards.
  • Salesman coming to the door (If they truly are salesman).
  • Unwanted traffic that seems to be getting out of hand.

C.  Sitting at the entrance of your neighborhood.

D.  Learning the community, to become a part of it so we can relate to everyone and their concerns.

E.  When a homeowner is on vacation, we will check on their home every day and message them that the check has been completed.

F.  Let’s not leave out late night vandalism, theft and other neighborhood concerns.

Who wouldn’t want to purchase a house in a neighborhood that had a real “Mobile Security” program in place for less money than one would pay their landscaper or sanitation fees.