Pay as you go

Temporary Patrolling:

We created this unique and affordable “Pay as you go” program to help those who either:

  1. Just got robbed or had vandals and want some presence on their property.
  2. Want to try out “patrolling” because they never had any.

Easy steps to begin:

  1. You will have to decide if you want a 5 day or 7 day “Temporary Patrolling”.
  2. look at our “Agreement” that is required.
  3. Once you have viewed our “Agreement“, fill it out and the email it back to us.
  4. Once we receive your request, we will contact (email) you to make sure everything is correct.
  5. Once all is agreed, we will secure a Pre-payment for services requested.
  6. Once Payment and Agreement are secured and signed, your service will begin on the days you requested.

Can I call someone to explain this in detail for me?

Yes, of course. We would rather you email us with questions this way everything is in writing so everyone is on the same page.


We consider “Temporary Patrolling” less than 3 months. If you have a need for “Long Term Patrolling”, we can price it differently.