Individual homeowners


Why would an individual homeowner want our services?

  1. You might travel for business.
  2. You might take mini long weekend vacations throughout the year and want someone to keep an eye on your home while you are gone.
  3. Peace of mind knowing while you are out of town, someone has checked on your family and / or your home.

HOA communities or residential communities with an organized committee do get better pricing when you look at the cost per house and the duration of a daily visit.

Here’s why:

From a business stand point when you compute taxes, fuel and service (car and officer), we can price 100 houses (doing an entire neighborhood) better than we can price 1 house.


We can offer a service for individual home owners but every case will be different. Pricing this will depend on the post requirements, frequency of visits and location.



Security check of the property on certain days.

The procedure to move forward:

Give us a call and tell us your situation and together we will come up with something that is both effective and affordable for you.