Free SLED Security Training

Free SLED Security Training

We just finished up all our FREE Training at this time. We only offer FREE Training once in a while. You may register in our regular training classes if needed.


Because the training is FREE. We reserve so many seats. It is important that you EMAIL US (DON’T CALL)…..EMAIL US and you will get all the information you need to join the class for the date listed above.

What will this class do for me?

When you finish the 4 hour or 8 hour SLED Security class with us, you will have all the documentation you need to go apply to a “Security Company”. If they hire you, you will be able to work ASAP as a UN-armed Security Officer. If you took the 4 hour class, you are set and ready to go. If you took the 8 hour “Armed” Class, you can still work right away as an Un-armed Security Officer for 20 days until your SLED card arrives, then you will be able to work an “Armed” post.

Why are you giving away FREE Training?

It gives us a chance to screen good potential Officers and keep them in our system so when something opens up, we would call you 1st, before running an Ad.

What do I pay?

Un- Armed 4 hour Class: Nothing

Armed 8 hour Class: $30.00 PLUS bring 50 rounds of Ammo and your weapon.

How do I get started?

Email us and we will send you the details. Class size is limited to a certain amount of students. If you do not contact us and we DO NOT have you listed as a student….you will not be allowed to attend.

We reserve the right to postpone the “FREE” class as again, it is free. Things come up and we are a Security company 1st…a Training company 2nd.

Either way, you are always notified in plenty of time because we know your time is valuable as well.