1. The candidate will work 40 hours per week driving a patrol vehicle to business and residential properties.
  2. The days will be week nights and weekend nights. The hours generally are flexible as long as all the stops at the sites are met. Start as early as 6pm to 2am or can start as late as 11pm to 7am. Hours need to switch up but this can be explained.
  3. Send us an email with a location where you live, your experience, are you SLED certified, have you ever worked Security, just give us a little information about you so that we can decide if this is for you.


Where are the jobs located?

For now, mostly in the Upstate of SC.

What kind of assignments do you get?

All types. From sitting in a vehicle to make sure a fire doesn’t break out or using our patrol car to ride through a neighborhood or business parking lot and many more.

How do I get paid?

We 1st do all the proper paperwork to get you in our system (tax info w-2, etc). Then you will get paid when our payroll hits just like our other Full-time employees do. We pay Bi-weekly. We do not do 1099, everyone who works for us must be put in our system for tax purposes, work comp and GL insurance purposes.

Email us here ( contact us ). PLEASE tell us a little about yourself, where you live, your current situation, your contact information and we will get things started.